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Which Mission Will You Choose?

Rooms change every 10 – 12 months

The idea is simple. You and a group of friends or fellow coworkers are locked in a room, and you have 60 minutes to escape.

How? By solving a series of puzzles using your deduction skills and clues found throughout the room! With four unique and challenging scenarios, there is always an opportunity for you and your team to have fun. Plus, it’s only $25 a person plus tax!

Prison Escape

Fits 4 – 10 people

You and your friends find yourselves locked away for a crime y’all did not commit. The sheriff claims that you were in possession of some stolen gold and that he has confiscated it to use at the trial. The sheriff has been called away to another crime scene leaving you and your accomplices (friends) unattended. Your mission is to free your team, find this so-called stolen gold, and escape before the sheriff comes back! Do you think you’ve got what it takes?!

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Phase III: Human Trials

Fits 4 – 8 people

If you’ve never been scared of going to the doctor, that’s about to change. As kidnapped subjects of a mad surgeon, you have been injected with a lethal drug… the chances of survival are looking extremely slim. With the help of a secret ally, can you find a cure and escape before the doctor returns to finish the job?

*This room contains flashing lights in a small part of the game. Those with histories of seizures or epilepsy may opt out or have the flashing light turned off during the game.*

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Cabin Fever

Fits 4 – 10 people

A fierce blizzard has hit your secluded ski resort! So much for that relaxing trip.

Caught in the snow, you and your friends were forced to take shelter in a nearby cabin. But beware! The old wooden structure can only stand the brunt of the storm for so long. Can you find a way to save yourself and your companions? Or, will you succumb to the fury of the blizzard?

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